Want to have more storage

I could put things along the floor and add some shelving.

A man definitely designed my house. He chose to have a giant backyard shed to house tools and a room with a metal door to hold his guns and manly stuff. There is no storage anywhere and my kitchen is tiny. Everything is very manly and functional. The entire house was painted the same color and had the same rug in it. I felt bad for the previous woman of the house. I have since made a lot of updates. What I am having trouble with is getting storage. You can’t just magically find space. There is a hallway closet that I desperately want to store cleaning supplies, coats and boots. The problem is that it holds the HVAC unit and the water heater. The whole space is totally jam packed. I can only fit a broom, mop and bucket in there. I am debating on updating my HVAC situation. I figure when the HVAC dies I will go with ductless HVAC in the house. This has indoor air handlers in the bedrooms and thermostats. I will no longer need to house such a large unit. I also will want to do a tankless water heater instead too. I would free up basically the entire closet for storage. I could put things along the floor and add some shelving. This is a long way coming. Adding a new HVAC system and water heater is going to be expensive. I am just hoping they don’t happen at the same time. I want to get good models of each if possible.


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