Every one of us appreciate the fireplaces in our beach house

I was honestly excited when I bought this honestly cool beach house.

I was young and I had been laboring as a banking professional for about a year.

I was doing so well that I could absolutely afford a nice house. I always wanted to live on the beach, and I was thankful when I found this beach house for such a good deal. It has an old oil gas furnace system, however it hardly ever has to be used so the oil lasts a long time. Also, the beach house has a couple of fireplaces inside as well. There is a fireplace in the family room part and a single in the master living room. That’s what honestly made me fall for this house to be honest, the fireplaces. If the indoor fireplaces weren’t enough, there’s also a huge firepit on the beach in the back and I have had countless parties at our house, mostly just fantastic on the beach and hanging around the fireplace. I remember somebody asking me if I was ever going to upgrade the old oil gas furnace. They said it would be better to convert to a gas gas furnace since natural gas is cheaper than oil. I said I might do that eventually, although I didn’t see much of a need because I could get by through the colder season with only our fireplace since it never gets too frosty around these parts. There are a few chilly days here and there, although I could get by with the fireplace or our portable oil furnaces to be honest.


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