It’s exciting when you find the lake apartment of your dreams

It was so exciting when the two of us finally were able to purchase the lake apartment of our dreams.

Well, the apartment admittedly needed some work, however it still was the property of our dreams! We have so much land now as well as there’s a lovely creek in the back. The teenagers already have been playing back there however the two of us keep telling them to be extra careful because there are some dangerous areas. Kids always want to explore as well as get into trouble. Since the weather has been so warm, the two of us made sure they were always putting on sunscreen as well as coming back in the apartment for air conditioning breaks. By the way, the AC method in the apartment is phenomenal. The apartment is entirely hooked up with a ductless multi-cut method so there are separate zones in all the different areas of the house. I can’t tell you how fantastic it is to have customized comfort in all the different locations. I have the perfect spot for my office where I can work in peace most of the time, however the teenagers are always coming to interrupt me anyway if they are lake apartment from school. Still, I’m thrilled to help them out with homework as well as things love that, I always manage to get my work finished as well as make time for them also. So over time, the two of us have been cleaning up as well as renovating different portions of the household. We even took down a few walls to make certain rooms larger… One room the two of us turned into a lake apartment gym as well as there’s already a zone in there for customized temperature control, so it’s perfect! There still is a lot of work to be done though, the two of us want modern wiring in the apartment as well as a modern roof with solar panels.


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