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Gerry Gets a Job

Gerry, who had decided to go to school at the tech center and study heating and cooling technology, was anxiously awaiting the results of the state HVAC certification test. The state department in charge of such things was just entering the world of online convenience, so test results were not yet available online or through […]

Gerry Takes the State Certification Exam

The teachers were glad because no one wants to teach a slouchy student! Gerry’s grades weren’t all that fabulous in high school, so the HVAC admissions committee had its doubts Every month, the state offers the certification exam in many different classifications, but the one Gerry was most interested in was the test that would […]

Gerry Works Hard in his School

About six months after Gerry graduated from high school and applied to study in the HVAC program at the local technical college, he found himself hard at work learning the ins and outs of residential heating and cooling technology and repair. He was pretty happy about his choice to study HVAC, and he was determined […]

Gerry Chooses His Program of Study

About a month after high school graduation, Gerry headed down to the local technical school to see about enrolling in one of their trades-based programs of study. His first inclination was to sign up for the HVAC program, but he discovered that the program did not accept every applicant. The admissions representative let Gerry know […]

Gerry Decides to go to School

Gerry was a recent graduate, and even though his parents were pressuring him no end, he still hadn’t decided what in the world he was going to do with his life. All his teachers in high school had recommended going to university or college to all their students, but Gerry just didn’t feel like sitting […]

Rolled Up Pants and a Bulky Sweater at the Shore

In fall, there is no worry about air conditioning So many people claim that fall is their favorite season of the , and for good reason. Fall is the start of the holiday season. Halloween comes along, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas and Hanukkah, then the new year comes along. I love fall because it is […]

An Autumn Trip to the Beach

Summer vacations with the kids, though, just don’t cut it, in my opinion. Have you ever made a trip to the beach during the fall? As someone who lives in the south where we have a super long coastline, I can tell you that autumn is a wonderful time to visit the shore. It’s not […]

Windows and Fresh Air This Time of Year

We are now almost to Thanksgiving, and it is a wonderful time of year down here in the beautiful southeast. Everyone loves living here, and we certainly have our share of tourists in our beautiful state, but by this time of year, just about all of us southerners are getting pretty darn tired of the […]

The Joy of Opening the Door

Even so, I am just thrilled to turn that HVAC system off and just rely on Mother Nature for a while As I sit here at the computer penning this piece, I actually have goosebumps. That is quite rare for this part of the world. Here in the southernmost state of the Union, it is […]