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My husband got a promotion so we are moving

In just under a month, we are going to be moving to another part of the country. My husband got a promotion at his job, and the new position is located at their central office which is almost five hundred miles away from where we live now. We are all pretty excited about moving, basically […]

Our A/C wasn’t cooling our house at all

This past summer, our air conditioning wasn’t cooling our house down at all for some reason. We didn’t really have an HVAC company that we dealt with on a regular basis and so I asked for recommendations on my social media pages. A friend of ours from church recommended her neighbor, whose name was Bryce. […]

My husband Jim is an HVAC technician

My husband Jim is an HVAC technician and he is in really high demand around here where we live. I don’t know what it is about him, but all of the people he has as customers think that he is the greatest HVAC technician around. After he goes to see a new customer, almost a […]

Remodeling your house is really hard work

I saw these adorable white air vent covers made from metal with little curlicues around the edges It’s really hard work to get your house remodeled. It’s so stressful and my husband and I have been in many fights since we started the job. Now, though, we are finally getting into the home stretch of […]

Winter is coming, ready or not

I have often thought about the possibility of getting radiant heated flooring put in my master bedroom and bathroom, because I have heard that it’s great for people like me who are cold all the time! It’s a big investment, though, so for now I guess I will just stick with the oil furnace Even […]