My husband got a promotion so we are moving

In just under a month, we are going to be moving to another part of the country.

My husband got a promotion at his job, and the new position is located at their central office which is almost five hundred miles away from where we live now.

We are all pretty excited about moving, basically because we want to get out of this cold part of the country where we are living now. Around here, it’s winter for seven months out of the year and we have to deal with cold temperatures quite a bit. We are always worried about making sure that our oil furnace and the rest of our heating system is perfectly tuned up and ready for the cold weather. We also have to have back up sources of heating, just in case something happens to the oil furnace during one of the deep freezes that we experience here in the middle of winter. We currently have a wood burning fireplace and several electric space heaters that we can move around the house when we need to. But since we are moving, all that is finally going to be behind us! The median temperature of the town that we are moving to is seventy degrees, year round! I can hardly wait to move somewhere that I will not have to worry about our heating system all the time. The way it sounds, we may not even have to worry about air conditioning very much when we’re living in the new town, either. Seventy degrees sounds like the perfect temperature to me.

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My sister’s house smells like grease and smoke

My sister thinks that she is a fine pastry chef. She bakes cakes and pies literally all the time, but I think that she ends up burning half of the things that she makes. She insists that she’s learning and getting better at baking all the time, but sometimes I wonder about her! She’s just not cut out to be a baker, and no matter what she does or how much she practices, it doesn’t really seem to help her get any better. The last time I walked into her house, I couldn’t believe how terrible the indoor air quality in her house was. I asked her what was going on in the house and she just looked at me like I was crazy. She said that there was nothing going on and that she had just replaced her air filters the week before. She said that she thought that the air filters would take care of any of the problems that her baking would be causing her indoor air quality to have. I told her that even though the air filters would probably help out a little, I could still tell that there was definitely an issue with the indoor air quality the second that I walked in the door of her house. I think at this point, she’s going to have to do a little bit more than just change her air filters every now and then. I think that she should start using HEPA filters, first of all. And on top of that, I think that if she’s going to keep on doing all of this baking stuff that she insists on doing, then she’s going to have to invest in a whole home air purification system.
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I’m using coupons to help pay for my air filters

I’ve been buying way more air filters than normal lately because the pollen count around here this year has been absolutely awful.

  • I hate my allergy symptoms, and I have noticed that if I change the air filters in my HVAC system more often, it really helps with the indoor air quality in my house.

I guess that makes sense because the air filters take out all of the dust, dirt, and pollen from the ventilation system and trap it in the media air filter. If you don’t change your air filters pretty regularly, then you are definitely going to have some issues with your indoor air quality inside your home. Well, I figured all of this out after I did some reading on this HVAC blog that I follow. I started buying these very expensive HEPA air filters, which are supposed to be the very best ones on the market. I was a little bit surprised at how much more expensive the HEPA filters were than the regular cheap air filters that I was used to buying. But then again, the HEPA filters seemed to make a real difference in the indoor air quality in the house, unlike the cheaper version which didn’t really seem to do anything at all. Luckily for me, I happened to run across some coupons for one of our local heating and cooling companies and they were offering twenty percent off of their air filters. I was surprised to see that this included the HEPA filters as well as their cheaper, less useful counterparts.

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Our A/C wasn’t cooling our house at all

This past summer, our air conditioning wasn’t cooling our house down at all for some reason.

We didn’t really have an HVAC company that we dealt with on a regular basis and so I asked for recommendations on my social media pages. A friend of ours from church recommended her neighbor, whose name was Bryce. She said that they had lived next to this guy for years, and that he was a fantastic guy who was really talented at working with heating and cooling systems. After she mentioned it, I remembered that there was always an HVAC company maintenance van parked in the driveway next door whenever I was at her house. On her recommendation, I called up Bryce so that I could get him to come over and check out the air conditioning system for us. He really was nice over the phone and I told him everything that was going on. He said that he thought he was going to be able to fix the A/C in just a few minutes, based on the symptoms I was describing to him. He also told me that he would come and do the work without officially billing me through the HVAC company that he worked for. He said that I would end up paying him much less for fixing the A/C. I wasn’t sure about doing that since there wouldn’t be any way to guarantee his work if it was under the table, so to speak, but I agreed. I figured that since my neighbor recommended him, it would be okay, though.

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My husband Jim is an HVAC technician

My husband Jim is an HVAC technician and he is in really high demand around here where we live.

I don’t know what it is about him, but all of the people he has as customers think that he is the greatest HVAC technician around.

After he goes to see a new customer, almost a hundred percent of the time, the customers want him to be their primary HVAC provider. This means that he is really moving up the ladder at the residential heating and cooling provider where he’s working. He really likes his job, probably because all of the people that he works with think that he’s like the superman of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning service. Not only that, but he really keeps his schedule booked up because everyone wants to request him whenever they call the HVAC company. He knows that he’s basically at the top of the food chain when it comes to his current position at the HVAC company now. I think he could probably do whatever he wants and he would never lose his job because the owners of the HVAC business know that he’s the one who is bringing in all of the new customers. Jim won’t ever take advantage of that fact, though. I keep telling him that he could actually set his own schedule and work whenever he felt like it if he wanted to! Of course, Jim won’t do that. He says that sometimes his customers need him on nights and weekends, and so he needs to make himself available.



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Remodeling your house is really hard work

I saw these adorable white air vent covers made from metal with little curlicues around the edges

It’s really hard work to get your house remodeled. It’s so stressful and my husband and I have been in many fights since we started the job. Now, though, we are finally getting into the home stretch of all of the remodeling. Most of the work is done now and we are finally starting to do some of the fun stuff. Today, I’m headed to the local home improvement store so that I can pick out the air vent covers for the heating vents and the air conditioning vents in the house. Prior to remodeling, we had those really ugly old brown air vents covers that you might see in a schoolroom or a government office somewhere. I told my husband that once we got all of the new ductwork run and the carpeting and painting finished, I was definitely going to be going and picking out new air vents covers that I actually like. I know for a fact that there are some really cute ones at the home improvement store, because I saw them the last time I was in there. I was buying cleaning products, but I swung by the HVAC supply aisle while I was there just so I could check everything out and see what was available. I saw these adorable white air vent covers made from metal with little curlicues around the edges. They also had some really nice ones made from hardwood with carvings in them. Anything is going to be a step up from the old ugly air vent covers that we used to have, though, so I am really excited about making this purchase!

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When it comes to HVAC service, you always get what you pay for

When it comes to HVAC service, you really always get what you pay for. At least that’s what my dad always told me back when I was growing up. I remember when I was a kid and the air conditioning would tear up, my dad would immediately call our local HVAC company and have them come out to fix it. The cost of the air conditioning repairs always seemed like it was very expensive to me and I would ask my dad about it. He told me that when it comes to getting proper service for your heating and cooling system in your house, you always get what you pay for. I guess back when I was a kid, I didn’t really understand that statement very well. But now that I’m an adult with my own home to take care of, it makes total sense to me. When our central air conditioning system tore up last summer, my wife wanted to call this HVAC company here in town with the cheapest repair rates. However, they didn’t have very good reviews from their former customers and so that was a big red flag for me. I explained to my wife what my dad had always told me about HVAC services and she understood what he must have meant. We ended up calling a well established, locally owned heating and cooling company instead. They were a little more expensive than the other guys, but their work was high quality! I’m sure that we will probably end up using them for our HVAC service in the future.

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My mom says that there’s a cold spot in her house

My mom called me the other day and started complaining to me about the fact that there is a cold spot in her house.

She actually ends up calling me to complain about everything.

I guess you could say that I’m her sounding board, so to speak. She doesn’t like to complain to my dad about stuff like that, because then he will go and get out his toolbox and try to fix things himself. If you know my dad, then you know that he is not the guy that you want messing around with your heating and cooling system. He always ends up tearing things up even worse than they were to begin with whenever he’s trying to fix something around the house. Anyway, my mom was complaining to me about this cold spot and I told her that usually if you have a cold spot in a room, it’s because there’s a gap or a crack in your ductwork somewhere. If there’s a crack in your ductwork, then the heating or cooling from your furnace or A/C system is just going to leak out into the uninhabited areas of your house where the ductwork is, like the attic or the basement. When my mom heard that, she said that she was going to call her local HVAC company and have them come out to do some ductwork sealing for her. She really didn’t like the idea of heating the attic all winter while the other parts of the house had cold spots. I’m glad she’s calling the HVAC company instead of telling my dad!


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I’m finally going to get to run a special at our HVAC company

For the past two years, I’ve been working at our family owned HVAC company. I started working there straight out of college and I have really liked it so far. Well, I’ve liked it except for the fact that my dad hasn’t really let me run with the marketing plan that I have come up with. That’s pretty annoying, because I am really good at marketing and advertising, if I do say so myself. I don’t understand why my dad just won’t let me run with my own ideas for the HVAC company, especially since he’s the one who paid for me to go to college to get my degree in the first place. It has all seemed pretty silly to me, but I guess he really wanted me to get to know the heating and cooling industry both inside and out before I started coming up with ads and specials for him to run. I guess it makes sense but it has been a long two years of tagging along with certified HVAC technicians to their furnace and air conditioning installation and repair appointments, that’s for sure. I’m really glad that my dad has finally given me the go ahead to run a great promotion this month that involves free furnace tune ups when you purchase a furnace maintenance plan for the next year. I think the promotion is going to go over really well around here, especially since the weather is finally cooling off. I really hope that it brings in a lot of business because I would really like to do a job that I like!


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Winter is coming, ready or not

I have often thought about the possibility of getting radiant heated flooring put in my master bedroom and bathroom, because I have heard that it’s great for people like me who are cold all the time! It’s a big investment, though, so for now I guess I will just stick with the oil furnace

Even though I really hate to admit it, winter is on the way. I am a person who really loves summer and I wish that it would last all year long. Of course, unless I pack up and move to a tropical location somewhere on a desert island, that’s just not going to happen for me. I really have to prepare myself to get into the right frame of mind for the winter, though. I have to make sure that my heating system is up and ready to run so I don’t end up getting cold when the weather starts cooling down for the year. I really hate cold temperatures, and being in a cold or drafty house is absolutely the worst thing that I can think of during the winter months. That’s why, every single year when the weather first starts cooling down, I make an appointment with our local heating and cooling company to have them come and check out my oil furnace system. I know that it’s probably overkill to have the HVAC professionals come and do furnace maintenance every single year, but I just like to be on the safe side when it comes to the heating system in my house. I have often thought about the possibility of getting radiant heated flooring put in my master bedroom and bathroom, because I have heard that it’s great for people like me who are cold all the time! It’s a big investment, though, so for now I guess I will just stick with the oil furnace. Hopefully, it will get me through another long, cold winter.

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