I Am Totally Rinsed From too Much Painting

I’ve been working on these systems for a long time as my dad was in the field and taught me a lot about working on them.

I spent the past three weeks painting the outside of a house and it really wiped me out. My body isn’t used to that kind of work anymore and this heat only added to the toll. I am going to take a few days off and just relax and let my body recuperate. The next project once I am ready to go will be repairing the furnace for next winter. We were having problems with it last winter and ended up buying a portable space heater to get us through the winter. I need to get the central heater fixed though because the portable heater is expensive to run and it doesn’t heat up all of the house like the main one does. I think the heat pump is the problem but I need to take it apart to see for sure what is wrong with it. I’ve been working on these systems for a long time as my dad was in the field and taught me a lot about working on them. He was a local contractor in our town for many years and had a lot of customers who really appreciated his level of commitment and quality of work. He has since passed away but has left me with a lot of tools and a lot of knowledge about fixing and tuning up climate control systems. I think I will start working on it next week and have a fun weekend this weekend with my friends having a bonfire or something like that. I may invite my HVAC specialist friend over so we can talk about the furnace.

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Today I am Getting Into Cleaning out the Fireplace

So my day is going to be spent cleaning my fireplace because it has been a long time since doing so and there is a lot of carbon buildup from all of the fire we’ve had in it over the past year. I don’t think I have cleaned it since last winter so I am sure it is going to be really dirty once I get into it. I need to take apart the flue and clean the inside of it because it can cause a fire if there is too much creosote buildup in it, such as the time we had a fire near the roof at the top of the flue pipe stack. We had to call the fire department and get them out to put out the fire before it burned down the house. So now, I am going to avoid all of that and clean the whole thing out from top to bottom. It will probably take me two days to clean the fireplace and flue but when it is done I will be set for another winter. We don’t use the central heater in the winters because the fireplace is much cheaper to operate as we have a whole forest of trees in our backyard for fuel. I am always planting new trees in place of the ones we use for burning so we aren’t destroying the forest. I have an electric heater that is quite old and inefficient to run so it just makes sense to use the fireplace. It is also good for me because chopping wood is great exercise.

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The Hot Weather is Now Here to Stay

We just turned the corner with the weather and it looks like today is going to be one of the hotter days over the next couple of weeks. I think the temperature went up about 10 degrees in the past week and I noticed our climate control system is running a lot more to keep the house cool. I want to make sure it is clean and ready for this weather, so today I am going to do my best to clean the system so that it is running at maximum efficiency. I may even need to get it tuned, but I am going to try to do it myself first as I am a certified HVAC tech and usually do the work on my unit when it needs it. If it needs a tune up I am just going to call a company to come out and do it for me because my lower back has been bothering me for a while and I want to let it rest for a few more weeks before doing any bending over. There is a local business which does AC tune-ups and repairs and they have great rates, so if it comes down to it I will just call them and have them come out and tune up my system. I think we will have a long summer this year so I want to make sure we will be comfortable during that time while not paying a crazy amount of money on the power bills. We will also run the ceiling fans a lot to keep us cool.


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My HVAC Service Plan Needs to Be Renewed Again

I need to get a new HVAC service plan this week because my other one is about to expire.

I think I had that service plan for five years and need another one as my HVAC system is getting up there in years. I don’t know a lot about the field so it is good to have a safety net in case something goes wrong. I’ve had my air conditioning break down in the middle of summer and the company I have the plan with was out right away to repair the unit and get our house back in the comfort zone. I am good with cleaning the filters but if it comes to something more than that I am pretty lost. And besides, my friend usually is the HVAC tech who comes out to do the service calls as he has been working for the company for the past 20 years and really knows what he is doing. I think we bought our unit from them about 13 years ago and have been really happy with the service they have given us over the years. We will probably buy a new HVAC system from them in the future once this one bites the dust, but I think we can go another five years until that is the case. The hot weather is coming now so I want to make sure we are covered over the next few months as it is going to be really hot here. I would also like to get a new washable HEPA filter for my unit.

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May Be Doing a Comedy Gig While Back in the USA

I used to do comedy gigs around the state while I was living here in the USA, but then I moved overseas to find new audiences which weren’t so familiar to me.

However, last night I got a gig request for a birthday party and I thought it would be fun to give it a shot and maybe make a little money while doing it.

I would have to do an hour set, which is quite a long set, but could make $500 in that amount of time. I’ve been repairing HVAC systems with my friend and it would take me three days of work to make that $500, a lot more time but a lot less stressful than standup comedy. I sent a message to the client and will wait to see if they bite, and then I need to decide if I really want to get back into doing road gigs while on vacation here. My air conditioning in my car broke down the other day so it would also be a hot ride to the gig. I would also need to find a sound system to use because I sold mine when I moved overseas. Maybe it is better to just do my work for the HVAC company while here to avoid the stress of performing. I play music too but standup comedy is a whole other level up when it comes to stress so I need to decide if I should do the gig. I am supposed to help my HVAC tech install a heat pump that day so I need to figure out my plan soon.

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Buying a Radiant Heater for Our Garage

I like to work on cars during the winter because it gets dark early and when I get home from work there is not much to do around here except go to bars.

So keeping busy working on cars keeps me out of the bars and out of trouble.

The only problem I have is that the garage gets really cold in the winter and it makes it hard for me to work on the cars when my hands are so cold. So today I am going to order a forced air convection radiant heater and install it in the ceiling and direct it towards the area where I work on the cars. I’ve researched the different brands and found one that is really good at heating the room up quickly. I think the portable space heater costs about $600 but it is really efficient and should only use a small amount of power to heat up my garage. I want to restore this old 1969 Firebird I bought last year for a few hundred bucks and give it to my nephew for a birthday present. I want to get the air conditioning working again in it so he stays cool next summer while he drives to his job. He has always liked that year of Firebird and I am going to make this car perfect for him because he has been such a great nephew to me. He helped me work on my central heating unit in the middle of the winter when I really needed a helping hand and I wanted to pay him back for the help.




Going to Stay in the USA for an Extra Month

I just want to rest today and take in all of the painting work I’ve done on my cousin’s house and just appreciate the job I’ve done.

I was planning on going back to my flat overseas in a week but this vacation has gone by too fast so I am going to treat myself to one more month here in the states. I’ll need to rent a car for another month and buy a one-way ticket back so it is going to cost me about $2000 to stay here but I think I can do some work and make some money to cover the cost of it. I can help my friend, who is a local contractor, doing HVAC repairs and maintenance for a few hours a week and that should pretty much pay for my car and plane ticket. I am taking today to rest and then I will talk to him about working the rest of the week if he needs my help. I also have some work I could do for the local business helping customers pick out a smart thermostat that would suit their needs. I just want to rest today and take in all of the painting work I’ve done on my cousin’s house and just appreciate the job I’ve done. I managed to not get a drop of paint on her brand new HVAC unit outside, which is very close to the side of the house. I just covered it up before I sprayed the house and made sure the system was shut off while doing so. I didn’t want any of the spray to get in the house if the HVAC system was running, which is not good for the system or the filters.

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Looking for a Quality HVAC Zone Control System

We want to change out our old HVAC system for a new one and also change from the standard HVAC to a zone control HVAC so we aren’t needlessly cooling down the whole house for nothing. We spend most of the day in one or two rooms of the house and at night we sleep in one bedroom, so having a zone control type system would save us a lot of money in power bills over time. I want to rest today because my body is still sore from working so much on the house for the past three weeks. But tomorrow, we will head down to the local business and see what latest HVAC technology they have and which one would be best for our house. We have been saving money for the past few years so that we can buy a new HVAC system without having to finance it and are just about ready to purchase one. The weather will be mild for the next few weeks and now would be a perfect time to get it installed as we aren’t using any air conditioning just yet. The heat and humidity will be coming soon though and we will be happy that we got a new HVAC system installed, and even happier that we got the zone control along with it. My friend is going to help us with the install as he has a lot of experience in the field. He works for the local contractor doing HVAC installs and is more than happy to help us with ours.


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Tuesday Morning and The House is Finished

I have a free day today to do whatever I want, which is a nice feeling considering I’ve been painting each day for the last three weeks.

I finally finished my cousin’s exterior paint job after three weeks and didn’t get any paint on the HVAC compressor outside, thank God.

I just need to put the house numbers on the front above the garage and clean up the rear porch floor of the paint chips and then I am totally finished. I had to paint three coats of paint on the house to cover the dark green color that was on there before. Today I will rest and tomorrow I will clean her HVAC system from top to bottom, starting with the air handler and working my way up to the ductwork in the attic. I can take my time cleaning it because the weather is very mild and we haven’t been running any climate control in the house lately. We have about a month till the hot weather comes so I have plenty of time to get it cleaned. My cousin thinks the heat pump is bad in the HVAC system because it wasn’t heating the house up very well last winter so I will need to test it to see if she is right. I am going to rest today though because my body is sore from all of the painting I’ve done on the exterior. I think I will go down to the local business which sells Biofreeze gel and get some today for my sore joints.
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Stye is Better, Now it is HVAC Repair Time

Today I am piddling around the house working on stuff.

I like days like this where I am not battling the traffic heading to the office. I actually work part time at the local business stocking the shelves with smart thermostats and such. Today though, I will be working around the house finishing up painting and fixing the HVAC system. We had a small leak and I need to fix it and then charge the system. I think the leak is in one of the connections so I need to go to the local contractor supply store to get the proper parts and then I will get it done. I also have about three or four hours of painting left to do and then the whole outside of the house is painted finally. I am going to look at the heat pump while I am working on the AC unit because I noticed last winter that the heat was not as warm as it used to be and I think the heat pump is starting to fail. It is quite old and I bet it is just worn out and needs to be replaced. If that is the case, I am going to have to order one online because our HVAC system is very old and the local business which sells heat pumps doesn’t have our model in stock. I think I can get it delivered to me in two days if I order it soon so I need to get going on that also. Lots to do on my day off work!



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