After I fixed my son’s bike, the whole neighborhood seemed to want my help

When my son asked me to fix his bike, I hesitated at first.

It was a blazing hot day and I honestly didn’t want to leave the comfort of my cooling system.

Then I decided that I could do this work for the sake of my son so he could have fun outside. When I stepped outside, it was hotter than I realized. It was really humid too, and that didn’t make me feel any better. So I brought the bike over into a shady area and I got to work fixing the bike. The chain fell off and one of the pedals was broken. Fortunately, I had a spare pedal in the garage so I got that. I put the spare pedal on first and then I worked to get the chain back on. It took me a little while, but when I was done, the bike was working great. My son was so excited and he went riding away on his bike after he thanked me. I was just happy to get back into the comfort of my A/C in my home. A little later, my son came back and said his friends wanted to talk to me. A bunch of his friends were out there with various bike issues and they wanted to know if I could repair their bikes like I did for my son. I gave a heavy sigh realizing that I would be out there for hours in the heat fixing their bikes. I told them I would, and then I prepared myself to deal with the heat and humidity. At least I knew afterwards, I would be able to relax with the A/C and watch some TV.

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