I made a bad decision when I went with a cheap repair guy for my heating system

When my HVAC system broke down, I was a little bit short on money.

I was stressed because we definitely needed our heating system.

It was the end of the fall and the temperatures were starting to drop. So I found a cheap repair guy to fix the heating system. He was able to get the heating system working, and I figured that was all that mattered. I was thinking I would try to save up some money to have an actual HVAC professional come out to look at the heating system. Unfortunately, the heating system failed again within the month. This was terrible because it was really cold when it failed and I was desperate. I unfortunately had to call for emergency HVAC services and I couldn’t afford it, so I ended up having to borrow money from my parents. They were disappointed and they asked why I didn’t have my heating system tuned up before the winter. I told them I had to hire a cheap repair guy because I couldn’t afford an HVAC professional. They said that was even worse and it was a bad idea. They were mad because they said I could have avoided this mess altogether. I didn’t want to fight with my parents, but I did promise I would pay them all the money back. I ended up working a lot of overtime hours to come up with the money, and it was a relief when I was able to pay my parents back. They told me that I should just be a little more proactive about my HVAC maintenance in the future.

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