I play in air ducts while at work

My sister and I have become obsessed with this game called Among Us.

A lot of people play through their phone or computer. You all work together to control crewmen on a spaceship. One of you is an alien imposter, so it’s your mission to kill pretty much everyone else as they try & figure out which crew member is secretly evil. The best thing is we both can play together without being in the same room, so it’s perfect for us. At any time I can log in & play with her even if I am working late! Most Heating & Air Conditioning workers don’t have to work the late or night shift. I just started here, so I got the last shift on the schedule. All the Heating & Air Conditioning workers with seniority pick the morning shift. I always get stuck with working at night all through the week. I can’t complain too much, I still get every weekend off & don’t have to clock in until noon. Shouldn’t be long and I will be a senior Heating & Air Conditioning worker. In any event, on the day when my sister is at home hanging out I will take a break in the middle of an air conditioning system repair to play games with her for a few minutes. I really like Among Us because the alien imposter gets to sneak around in the ductwork of the spaceship & attack people. It is so much fun to be able to play inside the air ducts & control our character to do the same thing!
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