I’m still wondering where Summer went?

My entire Summer flew by without even being observed.

The pandemic took front and center over the beauty of the season.

The pandemic had all the beaches closed in our area. The pools weren’t open and most of the public areas where I would have taken my children were also closed, i watched the boredom on their faces as the Summer simply flew by. The schools were open, thanks to media whole-house air purifiers being installed into the Heating and Air Conditioning system. I was still wondering where Summer had gone, and how fall had slipped by so swiftly. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen when Wintertide arrived. I looked at the calendar, knowing I should have had the furnace serviced more than a month ago. The furnace had been running for over a month now. All of us had some days when the temps headed up to sixty, however most of our days had been in the forties. The teenagers were outside, playing in the leaves and enjoying themselves. I picked up the PC and called the Heating and Air Conditioning business. Although the furnace was running well now, I didn’t want any surprises when the cold weather hit. I wanted to make sure my teenagers would have plenty of warmth to keep them safe. I was going to need to wait a couple weeks before the Heating and Air Conditioning tech would be able to get to the house, although I was okay with that. As swiftly as the time was flying by, it would recognize appreciate it had only been a couple hours since I made the PC call.


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