It’s going to be a long winter.

I’ve never been one who looks forward to winter.

Winter has constantly been one long season of being bundled up in cumbersome coats and outerwear.

It has been piling heavy blankets on top of myself and others at evening, to stay warm. Last Winter was the worst. I had forgotten to have our servicing done on the oil furnace. Wouldn’t you think it? The oil furnace quit running 2 weeks after the chilly and snow began. I had to wait 2 afternoons, sitting in the cold, until the Heating and A/C serviceman could get to the house. I could have called a odd Heating and A/C supplier, despite the fact that I knew these servicemans well. They constantly treated myself and others fairly, and I knew I could trust them. When the serviceman showed up, I was wrapped in a blanket and sitting in front of the gas fireplace. It took less than an hour for the Heating and A/C tech to maintenance the oil furnace, and I was so grateful that I gave him a hug. I thought it may have made him suppose awkward because he was blushing when I let him loose. This winter, I already have our oil furnace maintenance done, and I think I won’t need to worry about it cutting down. If the oil furnace breaks down, I will have our own Heating and A/C serviceman handy to take care of it. He is quite a responsible young myself and others and I tell everyone he is our personal serviceman and no one else can use him. Unluckyly, he needs to tend to other customers since he is still a working serviceman, just care about he was when I met him last year. That’s when he was working on our broken oil furnace.


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