Keep tabs on the HVAC cooling system during the winter

Oddly enough, I actually like it when fall starts bending more toward winter. There aren’t a whole lot of people I know who really love winter to the degree that I do. But, it’s a fact that the feel of a cozy HVAC controlled house is one of my favorite things. Once I feel it starts getting really cool in the autumn, I call the HVAC people to come out and perform the seasonal maintenance on the HVAC furnace. The HVAC tech also goes over the rest of the system looking for any concerns. The winter is rough in our area. That means if you’re not prepared for it with good HVAC, you may find yourself in a problem. The winter lasts a long time and the HVAC heating method is running nearly all the time through that lengthy period. So the HVAC needs regular maintenance and service to keep it in top form. However, you can’t forget about the other side of the heating spectrum. The air conditioner still needs attention in the winter. It sits out in the elements all winter. I have a hard plastic shell that I fit over the entire HVAC cabinet. This keeps the weight of ice and snow off the important parts of the cooling equipment. It’s sort of shocking that most people don’t really even take the air conditioner into consideration during the winter time. Most everyone I know just leaves it out there. And then they wonder why it doesn’t work right when they try firing it up in the summer.

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