My family takes advantage of my HVAC technician boyfriend.

I have been dating this guy for about six months and he is the greatest. He’s respectful, polite, and considerate, yet he still manages to cause problems within my family. Admittedly, it’s not his fault. My family is taking advantage. My boyfriend, Jim, is an HVAC technician. And he’s eager to please. My sister had Jim look at her HVAC system and didn’t even offer to pay him! My mother did the same thing! Jim is a really nice guy and he wants to make a good impression for my family, so he’s willing to put up with this behavior from my family, but I’m not. I made this clear to both my sister and my mother, and they both acted really put out. But, if my boyfriend is going to be providing them with professional HVAC service, then they will have to do or give something in return. I’m not going to allow them to take advantage of Jim like that. Then, my sister did it again. She was just more subtle this time. She has some part on her HVAC component that needs to be replaced soon and she’s trying to get Jim to get it cheaper through his HVAC company and put it in for her. She offered to pay something, but I know that she is really hoping Jim won’t charge her anything for his HVAC service. I really like Jim and want to see where our relationship goes, but, if he keeps giving my family free HVAC services, we might start having problems. He shouldn’t let my family take advantage of him.

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