My husband got a promotion so we are moving

In just under a month, we are going to be moving to another part of the country.

My husband got a promotion at his job, and the new position is located at their central office which is almost five hundred miles away from where we live now.

We are all pretty excited about moving, basically because we want to get out of this cold part of the country where we are living now. Around here, it’s winter for seven months out of the year and we have to deal with cold temperatures quite a bit. We are always worried about making sure that our oil furnace and the rest of our heating system is perfectly tuned up and ready for the cold weather. We also have to have back up sources of heating, just in case something happens to the oil furnace during one of the deep freezes that we experience here in the middle of winter. We currently have a wood burning fireplace and several electric space heaters that we can move around the house when we need to. But since we are moving, all that is finally going to be behind us! The median temperature of the town that we are moving to is seventy degrees, year round! I can hardly wait to move somewhere that I will not have to worry about our heating system all the time. The way it sounds, we may not even have to worry about air conditioning very much when we’re living in the new town, either. Seventy degrees sounds like the perfect temperature to me.

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