My husband Jim is an HVAC technician

My husband Jim is an HVAC technician and he is in really high demand around here where we live.

I don’t know what it is about him, but all of the people he has as customers think that he is the greatest HVAC technician around.

After he goes to see a new customer, almost a hundred percent of the time, the customers want him to be their primary HVAC provider. This means that he is really moving up the ladder at the residential heating and cooling provider where he’s working. He really likes his job, probably because all of the people that he works with think that he’s like the superman of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning service. Not only that, but he really keeps his schedule booked up because everyone wants to request him whenever they call the HVAC company. He knows that he’s basically at the top of the food chain when it comes to his current position at the HVAC company now. I think he could probably do whatever he wants and he would never lose his job because the owners of the HVAC business know that he’s the one who is bringing in all of the new customers. Jim won’t ever take advantage of that fact, though. I keep telling him that he could actually set his own schedule and work whenever he felt like it if he wanted to! Of course, Jim won’t do that. He says that sometimes his customers need him on nights and weekends, and so he needs to make himself available.



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