Radiant floors in ski cabin

My family takes a ski holiday every year.

  • Both of us spend our Christmas plus New Year’s holidays in a rented loft in the mountains.

Both of us consistently go back to the same spot, because the loft is steps away from the ski slopes. The scenery is absolutely gorgeous at that time of year. There’s consistently many feet of snow covering everything. My family likes to get up early in the day, bundle up in layers of hot clothes plus strap on their skis. They spend the entire afternoon riding up the lifts plus skiing down the many trails cut into the mountains. They switch between downhill plus cross-country skiing. While I care about skiing for a few hours here plus there, I prefer to remain back at the cabin. Our rustic accommodations are equipped with every current luxury. Both of us have stainless steel appliances, cement countertops, big screen TVs, surround sound plus a jacuzzi tub. There’s also an outdoor boiling tub. My favorite part of our stay is the radiant radiant heated floors. Because the heating plan is installed under the floor, it takes up no space. It operates silently plus yet spreads the perfect warmth evenly to every corner. The plan is zoned controlled so I can customize the temperature to preference in each room. I prefer walking barefoot across a heated floor plus enjoying the view from the windows. I care about curling up with a fantastic book, enjoying films or soaking in the boiling tub. No matter how low the temperature drops outside, the loft is consistently hot plus cozy. I look forward to that holiday all year long.