Schools need better ventilation if they are expected to reopen

I have several elegant children.

My child is the oldest at eight-years-old, followed by her younger sibling who is just multiple-years-old.

It’s nice that they’re not too far apart in age, while still maintaining a healthy difference in age so they’re not fighting as aggressively or as often when with 1 another. They still fuss from time to time, but I’m cheerful to see my child embrace her responsibility as an older sibling when she looks after her younger sibling. I appreciate them with all of my heart, and I haven’t been more terrified for their health than I am right now. I can’t guess I was forced to send them back to school. It’s strenuous to homeschool when both parents work, and neither of us can afford to get a private instructor. Even if every one of us could, who’s to say that the instructor or tutor wouldn’t be a source of potential COVID exposure themselves? I know that children are less likely to develop any kind of symptoms to COVID, but they can be silent carriers and infect older family members separate from realizing they have been exposed. Luckily neither my partner nor I have pre-existing conditions or lung dust sensitivities, but we’re still upset about the entire family’s health. If they’re going to force us to send our kids back to school, the federal government needs to step up and supply relief funding to improve ventilation systems inside schools. Instead, they’re a bunch of lying cowards that would rather split their own rules to rush a Supreme Court nomination 1 week out from an election while offering a relief package that amounts to a basket full of breadcrumbs. All the while they resort to blaming their failures on the other side who have spent months trying to get the senate to even vote on a new stimulus package. It’s maddening to live in America right now, especially with the fear of several more years of this never ending eveningmare.

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