Using air ducts in a game

My whole family has become obsessed with this game called Among Us, have you heard of it? Everyone I know plays through their phone, and you get together to control crewmen on a spaceship.

One of you is an alien impostor, and it’s your job to kill pretty much everyone else while they try and figure out who is secretly evil.

The best thing is we can play together without being in the same room, so it’s perfect for a family with a lot of obligations on their time. I can log in and play with them even if I am laboring late! Most Heating and A/C technicians don’t have to labor the late shift. I am new here and being the new woman I get the last choice of scheduled shifts. The Heating and A/C technicians with seniority almost always take the afternoon shift, so I am stuck working until 8pm all week. I can’t complain too much, I do get weekends off and don’t have to clock in until noon. Shouldn’t be long before I will be a senior Heating and A/C technician. Any time in the evening when my family is at home hanging out I would stop in the middle of an A/C repair job to play games with them for a few minutes. I enjoy Among Us because the impostor gets to sneak around in the air duct work of the ship and attack people. What a fun thing, to be able to sit down inside of the air ducts and control a character to do the same thing!


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