We have to be careful that the candles don’t damage the air conditioner

The holidays are a good time of the year plus something our immediate family totally enjoys to celebrate. I savor the vibe of human kindness which appears a bit more during the phase of the year. I also entirely savor enjoying our family just going nuts during the holiday season while I kick back in the heating plus A/C. My wife has just been silly about Christmas since the first Christmas all of us shared in college. When Halloween is finally over, I get to bringing down all the holiday stuff from the attic. There are all sorts of things for the holidays that are packed away each year in a number of boxes. I had to do the same thing for our family when I was a kid. That was a whole production involving everything from bedspreads to plates plus dishes. But, all of us lived in a cozy apartment with good heating plus A/C that kept us sizzling all through the winter. This is something that our wife can recreate each year. The important difference is that she is overwhelmingly into scented candles. There are candles burning just everywhere. It does create a wonderful, cozy ambiance throughout the holiday season. Through the years, the candles have become more plus more of a presence in our home. This doesn’t come without a cost as I would come to realize. I noticed that the heating plus A/C seemed to be cycling on a lot even though it wasn’t yet all that cold. What happened was that all the burnt candle wax had completely covered the heating plus A/C air filter. So, when I start with the boxes in the attic, I now buy a case of heating plus A/C air filters.

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