Why can’t I find the number in my book?

I have this small phone book that I keep on my office desk. I have numbers in there that belong to people I don’t even know who they are. That tells you how old my phone book is. I thought I had every phone number I could ever need in the book. Last week, I realized I was wrong. I was having some problems with my HVAC system. I had a lot of dust blowing out of my air vents, but there wasn’t any heating to go with it. I had recently had my furnace serviced, so I knew it wasn’t anything to do with the furnace. I knew I had to have an airflow problem, but I didn’t know what to do about it. I knew I had to call the HVAC company, but I couldn’t find the number. I scoured the entire house, hoping to find a business card from the previous year, but to no avail. I then began looking for the phone book I remembered getting in the mail. When I found it, it was useless. The words were so small that I could barely read them, even with my glasses on. I quickly called a friend whom I knew used the same HVAC company. She said she had a magnet on her refrigerator and it boasted the name and phone of the HVAC company. I wrote the number on the telephone pad I kept by my computer. Once I called the HVAC company, I made a mental note to put the phone number in my phone book. Unfortunately, I had written the number down with a lot of other local numbers. I had no idea which number went to the HVAC company.

a/c representative