Camping trip with portable AC

If you have been camping during the summer in a warm region, you know that sleeping can be impossible, and that the rain can ruin the best of trips.

It is always best to go into a camping trip with an open mind.

This can be much easier if you know that you will have a portable AC to keep you comfortable while you are trying to sleep. One time, I brought a portable AC on a camping trip and I was impressed by how comfortably I slept in the tent. Without the portable AC, I would not have been able to sleep for the two night that we were in camping. Our friends that came with us did not plan ahead and bring a portable AC, or even a fan. By the second night, the had put their air mattress in the back of their car and were sleeping with the AC blasting in the car. Sometimes, this can be dangerous, but in our situation, we felt safe. There was no one around to steal the car or hurt them while they were sleeping in the AC. I’ve read stories about people camping who decided to sleep in their car and have been murdered just because they were trying to be comfortable while sleeping. If you are going to go camping, it is best to just bite the bullet and buy or rent a portable AC to make your experience a good one.


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