Gerry Decides to go to School

Gerry was a recent graduate, and even though his parents were pressuring him no end, he still hadn’t decided what in the world he was going to do with his life.

All his teachers in high school had recommended going to university or college to all their students, but Gerry just didn’t feel like sitting at a desk for four more years.

He was more interested in getting a job, but he realized there was nothing he could really do that would be considered a decent job. McDonald’s was just not in the cards for a young man who wants to be something and someday raise a family. After weighing a lot of options, Gerry decided to go to school, but not regular college. Gerry wanted to go to the technical college and study in the HVAC program. He excitedly submitted his application, but the admissions person told him that the HVAC program was the most discerning of all their courses of study. Everyone wanted the heating and cooling program, apparently. Anyway, he spent quite a bit of time going through the catalog and he considered all the different options. He was interested in welding, electrician, and even barbering as a career, so, he took his name off the heating and cooling list and applied for electrician. He knew a couple of guys that worked as electricians, and they didn’t complain all that much about their jobs, and it beat the heck out of a state school and four more years of book learning. His heart was really in HVAC, but he was trying to be practical.

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