Getting HVAC completely upgraded in church

When we had to shut down our church services many months ago, we never absolutely dreamed that it was going to be so long before we got to meet together again! The building that we were in shut down totally because of the virus. So it’s been an absolutely long time since we have all been together. It’s been hard, but a single great thing that has come out of it has been the fact that we had time to have the HVAC plan in the church completely overhauled by our commercial HVAC company! All of us meet in an absolutely big building and the two of us have to have several commercial heating and cooling units to supply the auditorium, the offices and the classrooms! Before we stopped meeting there earlier this year, we knew that we were going to have to get the entire HVAC plan updated. There were constantly problems coming up with the furnace and the central air conditioning unit. The commercial HVAC company that the two of us contract to do the work for the church told us that it was going to be an absolutely big, time consuming project for them. They even told us that we would have to close down parts of the building to get the work done. At that time, we freaked out because the two of us didn’t want to have to close the church for any length of time whatsoever. But then since the two of us had to shut down anyway, it ended up being the perfect time for us to get the HVAC plan updates totally completed.


HVAC worker