Home repairs

One thing that I remember about being a kid was that my dad worked in an HVAC repair shop. He was always busy. We lived in a warm climate and it was not unusual for people’s AC to stop working more than once in a year. Sometimes, my dad would bring me to the HVAC shop with him to play while he worked. He would mostly just take calls on the days I was there, but sometimes we would get to go to a house and make a repair. People were always thrilled when I would tag along. They thought that it was cute that I wanted to help my dad with HVAC repairs but I was too young to actually do anything. I think about that a lot and how it would look in today’s world. People would likely not tolerate a child tagging along for an AC repair.When I think back, there were a lot of times that I would be at work with my dad and his coworkers would bring their kids in too. It was actually really fun to hang out with all of the other kids at my dad’s HVAC shop. His boss was really cool for allowing him to bring us to work with him. I always enjoyed going to other people’s houses and seeing how they decorated. One time, a lady offered to let me stay for the weekend when my dad mentioned that he was wanting to go visit some of his old friends. We always had a fun time going to work with my dad.

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