I don’t need an air conditioner anyway

I don’t need an air conditioner anyway, but I wished that I had an air conditioner.

I cannot believe that my parents literally banned me from owning an air conditioner.

Literally, an air conditioner was the only thing that I wanted in my room. I live in the South, and the temperatures in the South are ridiculously hot. I didn’t want to have to deal with the warmer temperatures of the South without an air conditioner. However, my parents did not have a central air conditioner in our house, so we have been living without an air conditioner for a long time, and it has been absolutely miserable. I have absolutely no idea why they won’t buy a central air conditioner. In their defense, they did buy a few window air conditioners, but the window air conditioners stay in certain rooms. They have a window air conditioner in their bedroom, and they also have a window air conditioner in the living room. I thought that it was absolutely absurd that they had a window air conditioner in any room, but they refused to let me have a window air conditioner. I have begged to get a window air conditioner, but they have declined. I even offered to pay for the air conditioner myself, but they still refused. I am so angry, but I don’t need an air conditioner. I can survive without an air conditioner until I am able to move away from this stupid place anyway. As soon as I am old enough to move out, I am going to move out and buy an air conditioner.

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