I don't think the receptionist knew anything about HVAC repairs

I called around to a few local HVAC companies yesterday, because I know there’s something wrong with my machine.

  • It keeps making a strange sound every time the AC comes on.

I’ve never noticed this strange sound in the past, so I know it has to be new. I tried to explain the noise to the receptionist from one of the HVAC companies and she didn’t have any idea what I was trying to explain. I don’t think she knew much about AC problems or heating equipment repairs. I was trying to get an estimate for the job, but she told me that it would be better to make an appointment. She couldn’t give me a quote over the phone. In fact, I couldn’t get anyone to give me a free estimate. I had to give up on getting someone out for free, but I found a service technician to come out for $99. If I use the same company to make the repairs, then they take the $99 fee off my total bill. If I don’t use the company to make the repairs, then I’m stuck paying the fee no matter what. It was the best deal I could find given the circumstances. I really hope the noise isn’t a big deal. I would hate to find out that the whole HVAC unit needs to be replaced. It’s only eight years old, but the summer bills have been getting higher and higher. It’s’ easy to see that the machine isn’t brand new anymore, but I hope that doesn’t mean it’s time to buy something else.

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