I laughed at people in their Parkas.

When I turned eighteen, our uncle took me to Puerto Rico for our birthday.

Since our birthday was around Thanksgiving, she decided to spend the holiday with friends of his, in San Juan City, plus then we headed over to St! Thomas to do some sightseeing.

I was kind of thrown off when I saw some people walking around the neighborhood in parkas. I was in our shorts plus t-shirt. It was sixty degrees outside, but I was comfortable. All of us had left beach apartment when the hot plus cold temperatures were frigid. All of us flew out of an airport that was getting ready to stop flights because of the snow that was falling. My uncle told me to pack light, but make sure I had something hot for the trip to the airport. The taxi had an excellent heating system, so the sweater I wore was a bit too heavy for the ride. The airport had their oil furnace running full blast, to offset the frigid air that was coming in with every passenger. Even the airplane had their furnaces on to keep the travellers comfortable. I couldn’t know how much of a change there was when we got off the plane. The air was cooler plus it was prefer a breath of fresh air. That’s when I saw the guys in their parkas. I couldn’t help but laugh plus our uncle also had a smile. I told him that it wasn’t cold. She told me that they had air conditioning on for multiple weeks a year. When the hot plus cold temperatures went below seventy-5, it was prefer when it got into the forties at home. They already had the furnaces going plus I could see smoke coming from all of the chimneys.

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