I went to the beach to go swimming.

But then, they were born and raised in the deep south

When I first went on a winter vacation, I thought it looked odd to see people walking around in winter clothing, when it was only fifty-five degrees outside. I had to keep from laughing at them. One afternoon, my best friend and I went to the beach. I wanted to see the waves in winter. We had on our shorts and lightweight sweaters as we ventured down to the ocean. I couldn’t understand why we were being stared at by the locals. I thought it was normal to be at the beach on such a sunny day, even if it was a little on the cool side. I thought about stripping to my bathing suit until one boy who was about our age, approached us. He asked where we were from? When we told him we were from the Northeast, he began to laugh. He said he should have guessed, since we were dressed so strangely in the middle of winter. He said he bet that we didn’t even have the HVAC system on in our hotel. I just shrugged until he said his parents had the furnace on for the past month. They had a hard time when the temperature in the daytime was below seventy. But then, they were born and raised in the deep south. I couldn’t believe they needed the furnace when it was seventy, but they thought it was odd we needed air conditioning when it was only eighty. I guess going to the beach in winter did seem kind of odd to him, but then, we were tourists and expected to act oddly.

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