It was our first year wintering in the South.

I never thought that I would turn out to be a Snowbird, but here I was heading south for the winter.

I had a lot of problems with rheumatoid arthritis plus the colder air affected me in the worst way.

I was beginning to have a lot of poor reactions from rainy afternoons, plus I no longer wanted to suffer from frigid, damp air. I didn’t really know what to expect when I headed south. My best friend had been making this trek for the last multiple years plus I knew she was happy to finally have me join her. The heat in mid-September was worse than it was in mid-June back home. I pulled off our sweater, instantly regretting the believe of the hot sun on our bare arms. I hit the doorbell plus waited for our friend to answer the door. When she came through the hallway, I could see her, plus I was beginning to get happy She opened the door plus I could believe the air conditioning coming out the door. I hastily closed the door to keep the AC from all flooding the outside. She helped me take our bags to our bedroom plus asked me where I wanted the thermostat set. I thought the temperature of the room felt fine plus she just shrugged. She told me that after a couple afternoons, I would be ecstatic to have air conditioning. She explained how humid it would get in the evenings, plus then you could see a shower or two. I was already wondering if being a snowbird was the smartest choice for me. I could have stayed beach apartment plus been hot plus dry with our gas furnace, instead of cool plus humid with air conditioning.

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