Learning about HVAC’s holiday deal

I saw a commercial on television for a local heating and A/C repair dealer.

I was watching football on Sunday night and the commercial right after the halftime report.

The heating and A/C repair corporation was offering gift cards for the winter holiday. The HVAC repair corporation was having a special holiday sale. Every gift card bought came with a free gift card for the same amount. There was a disclaimer on the bottom of the television, but the words were too small to read. I called the heating and A/C repair corporation because I was curious about the sale. The lady on the phone told me more information and I began to realize that the sale was legitimately too fantastic to be true. The gift cards had to be used for a purchase over $500 plus the gift cards had to be used by the same person. I could not buy $150 worth of gift cards for me and then supply our parents $150 worth of gift cards as well, then after hearing all of the stipulations and restrictions, I hastily decided that heating and A/C repair shop gift cards were not a really fantastic plan for a holiday gift. It would have been useful if I could have combined some of the discounts, but that was not the case. I still do not believe what kind of gift I am going to get for our mom and dad for Christmas. I easily thought this could be a practical gift since our mom plus dad have an older heating and A/C system. I believe I need to keep searching for the perfect holiday surprise.