My parents have creative punishments

I have been grounded from my own air conditioner. I didn’t even think that I could be grounded from an air conditioner. This is some crazy new plan that our parents have come up with. I have to say that I think it’s pretty ridiculous. I wish that they would have grounded me from anything else besides my A/C. However, when I think about it, I realize that it was truly the most effective way to make sure that I was punished for my actions. I have a window air conditioner in our room now and I’m so thankful that our parents decided to buy me a window air conditioner for my room. Since we live down south, we really need to have an air conditioner. It is truly necessary. They did not buy me the window air conditioner at first when I asked for it, but eventually, they bought me a window air conditioner as a gift one year on my birthday. I appreciate colder temperatures, and they finally realized it! I was so thankful for the air conditioner! I never realized that they might use the air conditioner as leverage or punishment for me… Once I realized that, I discovered that I wasn’t quite as happy about the air conditioner anymore. Honestly, can you believe they did that? My parents didn’t want to just take the air conditioner out of the window, either. They believed that it would be too much work. Instead, they turned off the breaker that controlled my air conditioner. And since the breaker box is in our dad’s office, there was just no way that I could turn the air conditioner back on without them knowing. I am allowed to do anything else, but the temperatures are so hot upstairs that it ruins the whole experience.

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