Rolled Up Pants and a Bulky Sweater at the Shore

In fall, there is no worry about air conditioning

So many people claim that fall is their favorite season of the , and for good reason. Fall is the start of the holiday season. Halloween comes along, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas and Hanukkah, then the new year comes along. I love fall because it is the time when I can take a few days off and head to the beach for a little while. It is too cold to really swim much, but the hotels have heating in the pools, so I swim in the pool instead of the ocean. Early in the morning, I roll up my pants, put on a bulky sweater, pour a travel mug of hot coffee, and head down to the shore for a little back to Jesus time. I don’t need air conditioning because God has provided the whole hemisphere with natural air conditioning for a few months! In the summer, I can’t stand doing anything outside. All I want to do from April through October is stay inside and soak up the air conditioning. I spend my summers going to the library, where there is free a/c being enjoyed by me and also the homeless population. I also like to make a day of going to the movies. It doesn’t always matter what is showing on the big screen, as long as the HVAC is in good working order and the popcorn is fresh. In fall, there is no worry about air conditioning. I turn off the a/c and give my little HVAC unit a much-needed and well-deserved rest. I open the windows and breathe in a big amount of cooling relief.

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