Wife’s menopause is strenuous on the a/c

For the past couple of years, my partner has been going through menopause, and while I sympathize with her numerous symptoms, the hot flashes plus night sweats are the largest problems, then she randomly gets harshly boiling, her face flushes plus she starts to sweat.

She also seems to run at a higher temperature now.

Where she once always complained of feeling freezing plus kept turning up the thermostat, the opposite is now true; Every one of us used to spend money crucial heating bills plus she never wanted to run the a/c, and now, she’d rather not turn on the oil furnace. When it’s forty degrees outside plus I can practically see my breath inside, she is not happy if the oil furnace kicks on. I walk around in thick sweaters plus often wear my sweater in the house. Even while every one of us were in the summer, I need to bundle up. Every one of us can never open the windows plus let in some fresh air. The a/c blasts non stop. She sets the thermostat so low that there’s never a relief from the influx of freezing freezing air. Our weekly electric bills are crucial. The wear plus tear on the a/c is tremendous. It’s especially bad at night. She likes to lower the temperature setting by a couple of degrees. I pile on the blankets plus still shiver. Even in the car, she turns the a/c up to maximum speed. I sometimes find an excuse to head outside just to hot up a bit. I am distraught for the symptoms of menopause to pass. It has been strenuous on both of us plus directly impacts our budget.


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