A new phase in life

Sometimes we all need a change in life.

  • It could be scenery change or career change.

In my case, it was a career change. I had been doing the same old boring job that I really did not want for several years just to make ends meet. I thought to myself what on earth am I doing? So I then remembered that since I was a teenager I wanted nothing more than to be a certified heating and air conditioning specialist. So I looked around and found a really great course I could take to get my HVAC certification at night. It was night school for heating and air conditioning education. The time it would take to get my heating and air conditioning certification was not too long. I could have this all wrapped up and done within a few months if I did everything right. And this is exactly what I did. Within 2 months I graduated and got my degree and certification to be able to repair and instal central heating and air conditioning systems. I ended up starting out by having my own independent heating and air conditioning business. And by the time I was at it for a few months I had my regular customers and things were going very smooth. I was able to quit my boring job and end up being a certified heating and air conditioning specialist full time. It all worked out really great. I was so glad that I decided to go and get my heating and air conditioning certification and change careers.


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