Becoming a Delivery Driver Has Improved my Life

I have always worked in offices, and for as long as I can remember, I have longed to work for myself.

I have a side hustle where I do freelancing writing, but the pay is notoriously bad.

Additionally, I have appreciated the fact that I work in places that have a/c in the summer and heating in the winter. Not everyone is that fortunate. Well, the pandemic brought an end to my job, and that is when I really got scared. I am all alone in the world, and I have to work to support myself. Finally, I ended up taking a job as a delivery driver for an HVAC parts company. It has been such a great job! The guys who work at the heating and cooling parts warehouse are nice and friendly. The HVAC service people who order the parts are always glad to see me pulling up with all the components they need to do their HVAC service calls. I actually had no idea there were people earning a living driving air conditioning parts from place to place every day before this. This is how it works: there is a company that stores every possible heating and cooling part in this giant warehouse. Then, all the local HVAC companies use that parts warehouse to get the parts they need for their technicians to do their a/c repairs every day. That way, the heating and cooling companies don’t have to stock their own parts and have a huge warehouse as part of their business. So, I go to the warehouse and pick up all the parts and bring them to all the different HVAC companies. It’s great! I love it!


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