Boosting immune health with HVAC changes

Just that one little change can make a big difference in the immune response

There is no doubt that my immune health has been front of mind this past year. I think anyone would agree that this has been a big topic when it comes to how we have been dealing with the pandemic. Those with compromised immune systems have had the worst of it when it comes to dealing with the effects of this virus. That’s why I have had to be ultra careful. I am working from home in the HVAC, avoiding all crowds and staying put at home because my immune health is compromised. This is a result of health condition I have had to manage for much of my life. So, it’s been imperative that I follow all the proper protocols to make sure that I am safe. However, I got to thinking about spending all this time inside the HVAC controlled environment of my home. I did some checking to find out that the indoor air quality is a big part of keeping the immune system strong. Finding this out was a big deal for me. I didn’t realize that simply upgrading my HVAC air filter to a HEPA type air filter would make such an important difference. The HEPA type air filter actually removes over 99.7 percent of all airborne contaminants. This allows the immune system to not have to fight off so many threats to the respiratory system. Just that one little change can make a big difference in the immune response. And who knows, it might be that one little thing that allows the immune system to fight off an illness.

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