He is cheaping out on HVAC

My boyfriend is so cheap.

When the two of us were buying a house he tried to get money off on the house because the home inspector said the HVAC unit wasn’t going to last long.

The guy said the AC system didn’t keep the house cool and that it was 17 years old. My boyfriend basically wanted ten grand off the house cost because of needing to buy a new HVAC device. Not surprisingly the seller’s weren’t keen on this plan and told him no. I really don’t blame them. The HVAC works, it will be up to us to change it. Thankfully we bought the house and moved in right away. My boyfriend was so up in arms about buying a new HVAC I offered to purchase our washer and dryer. Well I bought both systems and paid for the installation. Our HVAC equipment seems to be working perfectly. I changed the air filter and the cooling system now keeps the house very cold. That was the big issue. Even though the system is 17 years old, the HVAC contractor told me it was in very good shape. If I keep on it with HVAC maintenance, I could keep the HVAC machine running for a few more years. So now I am kind of salty that I paid for a washer and dryer while my boyfriend just enjoys working HVAC. I feel he should have to give me money for the machines I bought. Or, he needs to honor his end of the deal and update the HVAC even though it works.