I had to get a security system for the house

My job requires me to travel quite a lot, but I am away on business-related trips more than I am at home.

  • And although I love this aspect of my job, it causes some difficulties for me.

I had to hire a service to mow the lawn, plow the driveway, and generally keep up with repairs & responsibilities. I simply don’t have the time to do it. I’ve invested in a security plan to make sure my apartment is protected whether I’m at home or away. I guess it would be pretty easy for someone to figure out that the place is empty the majority of the time. Someone could break in through a window or door on the back of the apartment and they would have plenty of time to steal things or damage things. I’m nervous about natural disasters too. I mean, a tree branch could fall on the roof, the pipes could freeze & burst or the gas furnace might rupture while I’m away! The security plan includes sensors for smoke, moisture, temperatures, glass breakage & even power outages. These send message alerts if there’s a problem. There’s surveillance cameras. They supply a real-time view of every angle of the property… From my smartphone, I can watch videos, turn lights on, and lock or unlock doors. This feature is helpful when packages are delivered. I do have an acquaintance who gets my mail & takes care of deliveries for me. I simply use my iPhone to unlock the door and then I lock it right back up! When I get home, a geofencing feature sees my location & it automatically opens up the garage door, turns on the lights & makes sure the thermostat is set. The security system is almost like having a personal assistant and a security guard on the premises.

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