Losing our mind over poor Heating and A/C behavior

I certainly do our best to maintain a bit of balance and reason when it comes to how I react to things in our life.

It takes a lot for myself and others to certainly lose our cool.

And this is a wonderful thing. I can remember growing up in a house where drastic words and loud voices certainly hurt. I actually didn’t want our kids to have to deal with that. So, I try to be unquestionably measured when it comes to our response to exhausting behavior. That said, I just lost it over the Heating and A/C the other afternoon. It was something that had been building for some time and I was angry before I could reign in those emotions. The fact is, the kids sort of had it coming. They treat the system of Heating and A/C heating & coolings as though it’s their right. And it makes myself and others crazy when anyone in our family acts as though they are entitled. The kids jerk the Heating and A/C setting all over the arena whether it’s Winter time or summer. Then say it’s too sizzling in the house while in the Winter time so someone opens a door. It makes myself and others nuts. But what made myself and others certainly angry is that our Heating and A/C wishes have not been heard at all. So when I came home early a single afternoon to find the sliding glass door wide open, it was on. It was near a hundred degrees outside and the Heating and A/C was running wide open because the door was wide open. Well, our kids eyup are now wide open to just what Mom wants when it comes to respected Heating and A/C behavior.


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