My opinion on jump roping

I always hated jumping rope as a kid.

I remember in middle school gym class the teacher would get out the box of ropes.

They were all different colored beaded ropes that would be lying around the gym. For thirty minutes the teacher wanted us to just jump rope. As an adult I recognize the teacher was totally just taking a personal day. What an easy class to teach. He probably just sat and read the paper while the kids entertained themselves. Because of him, I have always hated jumping rope. I would always grab the red rope because it was the pretty one. I then would spend the entire class smacking it against my legs. Beads whipping into your bare legs don’t feel good. I never could properly jump without a little hop in between. It was a painful, upsetting experience. As an adult I figured I would never need to jump rope again. A month ago in my group fitness class, the personal trainer decided that jumping rope should be a part of the class. He wanted to start every class with a five minute jumping warm up. I actually thought about leaving that day. Thankfully I gave it a try and realized that I love jumping rope. The fitness expert actually sized us to a rope. He told us how to hold it, jump properly and breathe. He worked with me on removing my pre-jump and feeling more confident. Now that I am good at jumping, I really like it. It is an amazing cardio workout.

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