Nutritional counseling to figure out why I have belly fat

For a long time I thought I was doomed to have belly fat.

I worked out everyday and worked really hard.

I tried doing crunches, going for long runs and even swimming to cut out that weight. I just always had a bread basket and toned muscles. I then went to a personal training center to get a certified fitness expert tackling my issue. I figured the guy might see something I am doing wrong. I worked out with a personal trainer three times a week for three months before I started complaining about no difference. My legs, arms, and butt all looked fantastic. My belly stayed the same. The personal trainer then recommended I do nutritional counseling. He told me it must be something in my diet. I went through what I ate in a day with the nutritional counselor. She told me that I most likely was eating too many carbs or sugar. She recommended tracking what I eat in two weeks. Then the two of us could make a health plan that is similar but helpful in cutting belly fat. Well I realized by tracking my meals that I snack on candy literally all day long. Putting a tally for every piece of candy was eye opening. I would have said I ate maybe one mini snicker bar a day. In reality I eat maybe an entire bag. The nutritional counselor has been working with me to cut my sugar. I am hopeful that once I eat significantly less sugar, I will see better results with personal training.

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