Think I will add heated flooring to the bathroom

I am gutting my bathroom to make it perfect.

I want to move the toilet, expand the shower and get all brand new tile installed.

I want to take out the window and do a ceiling to floor glass block arrangement. I am additionally hopeful to get a LED lighted mirror and flush lights in the ceiling. Another luxury I am hopeful for is heated flooring. I read online and the cost will bump up my budget quite a bit. I think it might be worth it though. You are supposed to do this heating installation while you do the floors anyway. Electric heated mats are laid over the cement board and then new tile goes on top of that. Then you have electric heating at the flooring level. There is no noise, dust or cold spots with this system. I like the idea of having toasty toes when I use the bathroom or sit in the tub on a cold day. Electric heated flooring is supposed to last around 15 years anway. So I either can cut off the connection to the thermostat and lose heating when it dies, or I can redo the floors and start fresh. Either way, I think the lifespan is okay with this heating system. I also can save money on the installation since it seems quite easy to do myself. I won’t even need to buy it from a HVAC company. I found the electric mats at my local hardware store. The cost is considerable but the time added will stink. All in all, I want heated flooring and I am not going to cut corners.



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