Who is more successful?

Also, stress is a big part of his day

My boyfriend and I couldn’t be more opposite. In his eyes a successful person is doing well career wise. They are in a high work position with plenty of money and a good house and car. In my eyes, a successful person is healthy, fit and happy. Because I spend so much time on my health, I look really good. I get a facial once every two months to clear away the black heads and have my skin feeling fresh. I also go to the dentist every six months for a teeth cleaning. I have a personal training session three times a week and I see a nutritional counselor to go over my health plan at least once a month. Throughout the day I am physical. I like to go for long walks, ride my bike or swim. I also make it a point to take time to do something fun for myself. I will read, listen to music or even buy something at the mall just to make me happy. I don’t have a lot of money and I work part time at a clothing store. So in that respect I am not doing so hot. I would rather be me than my boyfriend though. He runs his own company and has tons of money saved for retirement. However, he is very overweight. He spends most of his time sitting at a computer. He has back, neck and hips problems. Also, stress is a big part of his day. It affects his sleeping, eating and mood because of it. He is not as happy of a person as me when it all comes down to it.
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