Assessing zoned HVAC system and dual fuel system

The Atkins had just moved into their town home and they were having an issue regulating the temperatures within the house, it was too hot even for the winter season afternoons.

They were in sleeveless T-shirts and light clothing.

They proposed I come to do an assessment on the heating and cooling system in their home. I met the Atkins’ from a mutual friend who was their neighbor. I had worked as an air conditioner workman for more than a decade and had developed skills in repairing and installing heating equipment. I had worked for the cooling business for 5 years. When I arrived at the house, I noticed that they had numerous air conditioners, including a dual fuel system and a zoned heating and air conditioning system. They had a heat pump on the outside of the modern home which seemed to work well pumping hot and cool air to the heater, then as a cooling tech with many years of experience in the cooling corporation, I knew more about air conditioning than any other subject. The oil furnace was not noisy and seemed to be warming up the air well, but I needed to establish where the issue of unregulated temperature was coming from. I noticed that some of the duct sealing was broken as well as knew that this affected most modern heating units. I re-secured the vents and was certain this would solve the issue. The Atkins’ called me the following day and confirmed that it had entirely helped, now the vents were transporting the hot air to the needed places. At least now the utility costs would reduce because they did not need the space furnace or radiant heated floors. The indoor comfort was finally improved as well as the Atkins could enjoy their home.

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