Couples therapy saved our marriage

My wife and I have had our ups and downs, but we started going to couples therapy. It basically was a final effort to save our marriage before we both threw our hands up in the air and gave up. Surprisingly, the couples therapy has been helping. I really appreciated how comfortable the place was with excellent temperature control settings. It was extremely relaxing. They basically got us both to open up about our feelings and we were able to have uninterrupted dialog with the help of a mediator. Eventually it was suggested that we go on a very nice vacation together so that we could bring back our old spark. This honestly was a good idea because we ended up at a really fancy tropical resort. We kept things civil and we even ended up dancing together on one particular evening. I don’t know if it was the magic of the place we went to or if it was the fact that we were communicating better, but things started working between us again. Something we learned about each other was how we had certain temperature control preferences. So we ended up getting HVAC zone control in our home. We have customized temperature control settings in different zones around the house, and we even have separate temperature control settings in our bed. These things have helped us out a great deal. We probably should have gotten into couples therapy a long time ago before things ever got bad between us. At least we have been making the right moves lately, and I believe it has saved our marriage.


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