Getting set for the summer and some HVAC savings

It’s sort of an annual thing for me.

While I love this time of year because the weather is generally great in our neck of the woods, the heat is never to far from my mind.

Winter in our region is beautiful and it’s certainly worth the tradeoff of dealing with the monster heat of summer. Yet, the respite from the high temperatures is fleeting just as most good things are. And we are not too far from the HVAC cooling kicking on during the day. Then, that will lead to the HVAC cooling being on all the time. This is just a part of managing the heat in this region. However, it can also be a very expensive proposition as well. The first summer I was here, I got crushed by the HVAC utility costs. But, I was also not doing a single thing to help mitigate those costs. I think I was just so overwhelmed by how consistently high the temperatures were that I was willing to just keep paying. But that sort of approach to HVAC cooling is simply not at all sustainable. So, thanks to some good neighbors, I learned all about making sure the heat gets managed but in a way that doesn’t crack my checking account. You have to start with a tuned up HVAC unit. So I get my HVAC preventive maintenance about this time of year. Then it’s just a combination of keeping the HVAC treated air on the inside, mitigating direct sun heating and keeping the HVAC thermostat at a reasonable level.



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