HVAC trouble during our first performance in front of a live audience

I basically worked most of my life working towards becoming some sort of actor.

Working in the theatre was what I wanted the most, but I also thought it would be great if I could get some TV gigs eventually.

When I eventually started working for a really nice theatre, I felt like I finally made it in life. Of course, this was where the real work got started. I had to be sure to memorize all of my lines and play my roles with precision. I had to be able to move my audience. Something that helped me during our rehearsals was the fantastic temperature control settings. It really helped me get into character as I felt entirely comfortable. If there was an audience, I wouldn’t have trouble tuning them out as though they were not even there. That’s basically it when you’re performing, there’s a sea of darkness out there of eyes watching your every move and listening to your every word. It’s really up to your level of acting to put emotion into the people and pull off a fabulous performance. I played my role with conviction, but I wasn’t happy when we first performed in front of a live audience. That’s when we had issues with the climate control system. They called in the HVAC technician but he was late on repairing the cooling system. It wasn’t until halfway through the performance when the HVAC system finally kicked on. That was a huge relief as most of us were sweating on the stage, but we still gave a marvelous performance, you should have seen the applause!


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