It can be challenging getting through the warm season around here

It’s essentially an annual occurrence for me.

While I most definitely love this time of year because the weather is great in our neck of the woods, the heat is always something to be thinking of.

Wintertime in our region is honestly charming and it’s totally worth the tradeoff of dealing with the awful heat of the warm season. Yet, the respite from the high temperatures is fleeting just as most nice things happen to be. And we sincerely are not too far from the Heating and A/C cooling kicking on in the day. Then, that will lead to the Heating and A/C cooling working all the time. This is just a section of managing the heat in this region. However, it can also be extremely costly as well. The first warm season I had to go through in this place, I got destroyed by the Heating and A/C utility costs. But, I was also not doing what was necessary to help mitigate those costs. I believe I was just too overwhelmed by how consistently high the temperatures were that I was willing to just keep paying those outrageous amounts. But that sort of approach to Heating and A/C cooling is not really sustainable. So, thanks to some wonderful neighbors, I was able to learn about making sure the heat gets managed however in a way that doesn’t mess up my checking account. You have to start with a tuned up Heating and A/C machine. So I get my Heating and A/C preventive service this time of year all the time. Then it’s pretty much a combination of keeping the Heating and A/C treated air on the inside of the residence, mitigating direct sun heating and keeping the Heating and A/C control machine at a sufficient level.


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