It’s nice being able to enjoy the sunroom in the warm season

When we decided to move down south to start our retirement chapter of life, it was with the thought that the more sunshine we could have the better.

This perspective was essentially forged from living through 60 plus winters.

And these were the long winters that would last at least 5 months plus longer than that at certain times. Most of that time we were inside the HVAC comfort of our property or work. Neither of us were especially big into wintertime outdoor activities. As a matter of fact, just dealing with the tremendous amount of snow plus ice removal was a pretty serious hassle. And it didn’t get any better the more we were becoming old. So we had our eyes completely set on living in the lovely sunshine for the last decade of our lives. Once we made the move, the nippy season time was everything we had hoped it would be. And we just enjoyed spending time in the sunroom every single day while we were in that first mild nippy season. To be entirely honest, it took a bit of getting accustomed to the heat plus humidity of the warm season. That is a straight up fact. But it was a much better trade off. Plus, the HVAC heat pump did a pretty excellent task at making our property cooler in order to manage the peak heating times while we were in the day. Yet, we were kind of bummed out that we couldn’t really enjoy the sunroom entirely much. It was just too overheated in that particular area. However, after a reasonable amount of research, I found a pretty good solution. We had a ductless HVAC component put in the sunroom. So now we had a fully independent HVAC cooling source for the sunroom. This made it possible to enjoy the sunroom no matter what season it was.

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